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Protect Your Lower Back When Lifting

  Posted: Mar 01, 2016

  Category: Rehabilitation

A majority of people often experience lower back pain while lifting small and large objects alike. This pain stems from the way the back in bended in order to pick up the item. Bending down a retrieving a paper clip from the ground can trigger same agonizing back pain like that of a 100 pound box. It is important to realize that the weight of the item you are carrying may not be the cause of your back pain, but instead it is the way that you are bending your back.

One of the most common causes of lower back pain is bending forward to pick up and item. When you bend to lift an object, the normal forward curve in your spine, called a lordosis, is reversed. This reversal in your lower back increases strain and stress on spinal discs, joints and muscles.

To prevent this reversal, keep your head and neck in an upright position while reaching down to lift an item. Rather than looking down at the floor, look straight ahead and slightly upright. This position of your neck contributes to minimizing, if not eliminating, lower back pain as well as protecting spinal discs, joints and muscles. Maintaining a proper posture will contribute to minimizing and eliminating pain as well.