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10 FAQs on Laser Therapy

  Posted: Dec 16, 2019

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We received several questions about Liberty’s deep tissue laser therapy since we announced the treatment option in 2018. In case you’re interested in pursuing laser therapy, but have some concerns, read the top 10 questions asked the most over the last year and get the information you need before making an appointment.

1. What are benefits of laser therapy? Increases blood flow, accelerates tissue healing, reduces inflammation and swelling, alleviates pain and stiffness.

2. How does laser therapy work? It speeds up the recovery process which gets you back to normal faster. 

3. What does it feel like? The treatment is pain free and the area will feel warm and comfortable.

4. What can laser therapy be used to treat? Muscle aches, sprains, strains, tendinitis, arthritis, sciatica, capsulitis, scar tissue, inflammatory conditions, and more!

5. Is laser therapy relatively new? Laser therapy was approved by the FDA in 2007. Initially, laser therapy was used in clinical trials for research on effectiveness. Professional sports teams/ leagues were the first to invest in laser therapy, then Olympic Division 1 and collegiate teams over the past couple of years.

6. Are there different types of laser therapy? Initially lasers were low power or " cold" lasers. A few years ago Class 3 lasers were considered state of the art. The newest , Class 4 lasers are 30X more powerful than its predecessors.

7. What type does Liberty Rehab use? We have invested in the Class 4 medical laser. It is the newest technology available and we are one of only the few clinics in San Antonio to offer this technology.

8. How many treatments does it take? It depends... Most patients see almost immediate results after the first session. Typically a series of 5-10 sessions is ideal for injury and post operative recovery. Additional sessions are beneficial for chronic conditions, multiple areas of treatment and for more severe cases of inflammation and scar tissue.

9. Does insurance cover Laser therapy? It is a new technology and currently not covered by insurance, including Medicare. We offer packages and we discount packages for current patients.

10. What else should I know? There are some conditions that limit ability to be appropriate for laser therapy. We cannot use laser over pacemaker or an malignant tumor. We also cannot use during pregnancy. You will be required to wear protective eye gear to protect your eyes. (looking directly into laser can cause blindness)

​Do you still have questions? Not to worry. Contact any of our locations to see if laser therapy is the best treatment option for your needs.