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Meet Our Administrative Team

  Posted: Mar 05, 2020

  Category: Company News

At Liberty Rehabilitation Specialists, we have a really great team of physical therapists, assistants, and aides, but another vital branch of our operations is our administrative staff. They're the ones who run the show when it comes to connecting with patients and making sure they get the services they need, so I’d love to shine a spotlight on them and celebrate all they do for us.
Margie Garcia is the lead office manager for all three of our locations. She has worked in office management for rehab and physical therapy facilities for over 30 years, and she recently celebrated her six-year anniversary with us. She oversees the front desk operations for each location and handles all aspects of insurance verification, billing, scheduling, and more. I’ve known Margie for a long time and can attest that the expertise she brings to our facilities is unrivaled. She has excellent customer service, is a master of schedules, and always accommodates our patients in any way she can. Outside work, she loves spending time with her family almost as much as she loves spending time with her cat.
  Lisa Fonseca operates the front desk at our Southside location and has been with Liberty for 10 years! During her time with us, she’s worked in all three locations, so she knows exactly how we work and operate. She’s extremely versatile, operates with the comfort of someone who’s become an expert in their position, and is the most accommodating person I know when working with both our staff and our clients. Her specialty in workman's compensation operations and services makes her incredibly valuable as well. Lisa has a daughter she loves spending time with and a son who recently left on his first deployment with the Navy. She couldn’t be prouder.
‚Äč Cris Fuentes works in our Northeast office and has been with Liberty for 3 1/2years. Running one of our biggest clinics means being on top of her tasks at all times, and Cris never disappoints. She’s one of the greatest multitaskers I know, and I’m so thankful she has such an incredible ability. She’s got a notoriously permanent smile that all our patients love and, above all, is friendly with everyone she works with. Her brother, Andrew Cavazos, also works at Liberty Rehab as a certified occupational therapy assistant in the same office. You’d think a brother and sister would get tired of each other after spending all day together, but that’s just not true. They love their family and spend as much time together outside work as they can.
Peace Molnar is one of the newest members of the Liberty Rehabilitation Specialists team, and we’re so thrilled to have her! She started with us in December 2019 and has already settled into her administrative tasks very well in just a few short months. She brings fantastic energy to our office that’s exciting and refreshing and has already shared dozens of great operational ideas and insights with us. I haven’t had the pleasure of knowing Peace for as long as I might have known some of my other staff, but I’m excited to learn more about her life, especially the cute little Corgi that she and her boyfriend own. Welcome to the team, Peace!

We couldn’t do what we do without our administrative staff. They keep our business running and help us provide our patients with the care they need. We’re so thankful for them every single day.