Direct Access
Imagine you have twisted your lower back while lifting groceries or working in the yard. Or perhaps you pushed too hard while training for your race and your knee is a bit achy despite resting for a few days. What do you do next? The typical steps include visiting your physician and paying a copay, receiving prescription medications, and rest and request follow up in 3-4 weeks. In some cases, if your physician is knowledgeable in current medical trends, he will refer you to Physical Therapy.
Physical Therapists are the musculoskeletal experts in medicine, the doctors of the muscular system and movements. Physical Therapy is used for treatment in patients with conditions like low back pain, hip and knee osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, lumbar stenosis, and many others.
Research has shown that access to Physical Therapy within 14 days of onset of symptoms saves money (over 50% in back pain costs) and reduces the need for further health care.

Direct Access

With Direct Access, patients can seek Physical Therapy immediately after injury without a referral or prescription.
Direct Access benefits:
1.) It provides quick access to the care you need. Patients can be seen within 2-3 days of scheduling appointments and in some cases, the same day.
2.) It lowers overall cost by reducing the need for additional healthcare services. The sweet spot is within 14 days of the onset of symptoms for average reduction in costs of 50%. These decreased costs are attributed to fewer office visits, less prescription medications, decreased need for imaging, and in many cases avoiding surgery
3.) It has shown better outcomes and higher satisfaction.
We are not recommending you avoid your primary care physician, but when you know Physical Therapy is exactly what you need, it is best to go to your Physical Therapist right away. Many insurance providers cover Direct Access, but a few providers, Medicare/Medicaid, and Federal programs will require a physician referral, before seeking treatment.
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