Patient Testimonials

“I have long history of right knee problems. I asked my PCP for rehab to alleviate pain in knee and shoulder and protect my mobility. Sent me to Liberty for treatment and I have been very satisfied with them. They have been responsive to my pain level and successful in extending my range of motion in both knees and shoulders. I recommend them to friends. Reuben was friendly and tactful getting me to extend my pain limits. Office staff was friendly and helpful!” - J. Campbell
“Have had middle back pain spasm that eventually went into my neck and Right arm. My doctor recommended PT and sent me to Liberty. Angela knew what she was doing an how to get me to cooperate with treatment. Before I was unable to do "normal" housework or recreational without pain.. It has been a great experience and helped me improve. " - C. Smith
 “From day one the exercises were explained in a clear manner. The trainers, especially Reuben explained each exercise in relation to my discomfort at the time. The take home instructions are very simple to follow. Reuben was very caring about my comfort in performing the various movements. My experience using this facility was informative and constructive. The time spent here was worth the experience and memorable” - E. Harrison
“When I started therapy my left knee was really swollen and couldn’t bend it.  My quadriceps, buttock were weak… This great team encouraged specific exercise to strengthen these areas for my knees. Exercises twice a day does work. Consistency works. Thank you so much for your patience and your knowledge. I am able to bend my knees now and have range of motion.” - S. Moreno
When I first came here, my pain was extremely difficult to do anything, but with the therapy thanks to Becky and Liberty Rehabilitation they have taught me how to help myself. I feel so much better today. I will use them at home. Thank You Becky.” - D. Ruthhaven